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Jim's Pan Steakhouse is a Western Restaurant Location in Seri Kembangan, Selangor. 

We are a Western Restaurant established in 2017,
Named of Jim's Pan Steakhouse
{ Jim's } represents our Chef Tan & { Pan } represents the frying pan. 
The sense of full name represents that our Cher Tan will use their own frying Pan to fry a plate of delicious western food for customers to enjoy.

In the middle of March 2020, 
we received news from the government that the country would be Lock Down, 
And We Also Fell Scared and Nervous how about our Restaurant and the Team,
So we tried to Transforming our business and restaurants to online Business.
Although our team encountered a lot of difficulties during the transformation period, 
but after our team's continuous experimentation and hard work, 
We finally succeeded in completely transforming and selling our own marinated steaks on online.

And we have now completely stopped the operation of the restaurant for the time being, 
in the time we are focus on marinating steaks, 
to make sure bring the freshest and most convenient service to our dear customers .

The Purpose We Bring To Customers : 
- 简单方便西餐
- Everyone Can Be Chef At Home
So that everyone can cook 5-star dishes to their lover family